Research Says Men Who WASH Women’s PANTIES Live 5 Years More

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It’s a taboo for men to wash women’s underwear in most cultures.

But it is time to break this wild belief as research has shown that men can live 5 years longer if they wash the panties of women.

Yes, if you are a man and want to live long you must start washing the panties of your partner.

The study which was conducted by a University in the US suggested that there is a positive relationship between washing of women’s panties and men’s health.

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A copy of the study sighted by claimed that ‘when a man shows excitement for washing a woman’s cloth and underwear, it causes the adrenal glands to produce cortisol (ie stress hormone) and other hormones which enable the body to respond to stress.’

‘…The ability to manage stress helps men to live longer (5 years more)’, the researchers observed.

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A total of 500 men took part in this psychosocial study. The experimental group (studied under a period of 3 years) showed a significant improvement in dealing with stressful situations, looked more happier and experienced low wrinkles on face, buttocks and hand.

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