HOT GOSSIP: NAM 1 Chopbar OPENS In Kumasi

A new chopbar bearing a controversial business name, ‘NAM 1’ has reportedly been opened in Kumasi.

NAM 1 Chopbar, which according to information gathered by is located at Asafo Market area will only serve popular Akan traditional dish, konkonte each day from 6.00am to 7.00pm.

Konkonte is prepared from dried cassava and best served with either palmnut soup or groundnut soup. In some cases, it can be eaten with hot pepper.

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It is unknown at this time as to who the actual owner(s) of this wayside restaurant is.

There is also total confusion over the name of the chop bar. Some residents of Kumasi are of the view that NAM 1 could literally mean ‘one meat’ if translated into Twi and as such may not necessarily have a linkage with the embattled executive director of MENZGOLD.

No chopbar in Ghana or abroad as of now specialises in the serving of konkonte despite it being one of the fastest selling meals in most chopbars in the country.

People who condemn the eating of konkonte claim it causes armpit odour. Others also assert that a similar meal, fufu causes throat cancer (Watch video below).

INSERT: Eating of fufu causes throat cancer

But konkonte is pampered like a king in most Ghanaian homes and has so many nicknames which include lapiwa, abitie, james brown (because of its color) and face the wall.

Historically, a lot of Ghanaians survived by the ‘grace of konkonte’ during the drought and famine days of early 1980s.

As konkonte was prepared from cheap cassava, people felt embarrassed to eat it in the open.

People chose to face the wall to hide their faces whenever they were eating it, hence the denigrated name, ‘face-the-wall.’


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