Jealous Boyfriend Beats Up Actress Girlfriend For Kissing Another Guy On Movie Set (See Photos Of Her Swollen Face)

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South African actress, Londiwe Ngcamu, 30 is recovering at Endendale Hospital after her jealous boyfriend reportedly assaulted her at home for kissing another man in a theatre production, Seven Days War.

The lover of the actress got wild, thinking the kiss got her wet.

Ngcamu revealed that her boyfriend thought she was cheating on him with the actor in the play she was starring in.

But the Director of the production is shocked by the reaction of the Ngcamu’s boyfriend, saying he should have known that his girlfriend was only acting the kissing.

Ngcamu plays the character of a woman who is deeply in love with a man from a different political background in the production which got her in trouble.

INSERT: Photo of Londiwe Ngcamu (Before and After the incident)

A source said that Ngcamu closed from set at 10.00am on Saturday after which her lover lured her to his house and abused her.

He kicked her in the rips, punched her face several times and even pulled a sharp knife to threaten her life, claimed one media report.

The actress called in family members and police whiles the man was asleep.

Leaked photos sighted by show the extent to which the Ngcamu was brutalised by her jealous lover.

Ngcama sustained swollen face with her eyes completely shut like a defeated boxer. Doctors fear the actress may suffer kidney failure for the rest of her life.

A similar incident happened in Ghana. This time however a man chewed the ear of his wife because she did not serve him enough meat at home (Watch the video below).

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VIDEO: Man chews wife’s ear for not serving him enough meat at home

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