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Did You Know That KONKONTE, Your Favourite Meal Is Also Called ‘KRAMAN REVERSE’?


There’s no popular Ghanian dish which has a lot of nicknames than Konkonte.

Konkonte is a heavy meal, prepared from dried cassava and best served with either palmnut soup or groundnut soup. It can also be eaten with hot pepper.

There is a special reason for which most Ghanaians pamper konkonte and adore it with so many nicknames.

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Historically, a lot of Ghanaians survived by the ‘grace of konkonte’ when drought and famine hit the country in the early 1980s.

As konkonte was prepared from cheap cassava, people felt embarrassed to eat it in the open.


People chose to face the wall to hide their faces whenever they were eating it, hence the meal was labeled with the denigrated name, ‘face-the-wall.’

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It is believed that eating konkonte causes one’s armpit to smell whereas others claim it is the only meal a local dog will vehemently reject when presented to it. Hence konkonte is also called Kraman reverse.

Some dog owners have confirmed the view that dogs ‘run away’ when they are served with a bowl of konkonte.

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A dog owner, Nana B told that ‘My dog ran away from home for three days when I attempted giving it konkonte and palmnut soup a month ago.’

‘Now, I know konkonte is not good for a dog’, Nana B added.

If you doubt that a dog does not eat konkonte, use your pet as an example and share your experience with us via the COMMENT space below.


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