This Is Just CRAZY. 4 Men FIGHT Over The LOVE Of A ‘Village Girl’

A touching story of four men who have fallen in love with the same girl in a village has hit social media, and it is just spreading like wild fire.

The love story, a copy of which has been sighted by has caught the attention of readers.

There’s a heated debate about the meaning of ‘true love’ whiles opinions are divided over which of the men really deserves to marry the girl at the end of the day after having played an equal role to save her from being eaten up by a dangerous crocodile.

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The tale written by an anonymous writer tells the story of a certain beautiful girl in a village who is admired by four men–singer, hunter, doctor and fisherman.

One day, the ‘village’ girl went to the riverside to wash her clothes. Coincidentally, the four men were also at the riverside, spying on her.


A very hungry crocodile suddenly appeared from the river and attacked the girl. The crocodile then dragged her into the water.


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