What A SURPRISE! John Dumelo Spends Val’s Day In LEGON GIRLS’ Hostel (See VIDEO)

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Ghanaian actor and entrepreneur, John Dumelo spent this year’s Valentine’s Day with some single ladies on Legon campus.

Dumelo paid a surprise visit to the female students in their hostels on Thursday.

The girls, excited by Dumelo’s visit to campus screamed and jumped around like a wild dog which has not seen its owner in hundred years.

As usual, some of the ladies pulled their phones to take selfies and also video recording of what was happening.

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The handsome actor hugged and extended a romantic handshake with the young ladies.

One of the ladies, wearing a short dress in the video sighted by Kasatintin.com, could not control herself upon seeing Dumelo in her room.

This lady almost felt goose pimples all over her body; her thighs were conspicuously shaking. She was partly behaving as someone who has just had an orgasm.

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Kasatintin.com spotted an empty fried rice and chicken disposable pack and a half-filled Coca-Cola bottle on one desk in the ladies’ room.

Just about two of the ladies wore a dress with a touch of red. And only one red, Valentine dress was displayed on the students’ beds–something to tell you that they were not in the mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

A lady who was holding a long string of Brazilian hair, and probably going to fix it to attend a valentine night party had an opportunity to hug Dumelo. She was full of smiles after her encounter with the actor.

Another lady could not ‘speak’ when Mr. Dumelo touched and wished her a happy Valentine (Forward video below to 48 seconds).

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‘Inquisitive’ Dumelo said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and asked them ‘But why you people don’t have boyfriends?’

‘No, please we’re single ladies’, one campus girl with a high pitch tone responded on behalf on her friends.

But Dumelo ‘prophesied’ that the single campus ladies would find a partner within a year.

Press play to watch video below.

VIDEO: John Dumelo chills with Legon Girls

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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