Professor SUES Girlfriend For VISITING Him Without PERMISSION

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A retired German Professor, 65 has sued his girlfriend for visiting him at home without prior notice.

The Professor and his Gambian girlfriend, have dated for 6 months. gathers that the couple met at a birthday party in Berlin and fell in love with each other.

The Professor, feeling that he can’t stop womanizing, some years ago had an agreement with his wife in court to pick a ‘sidechick’ but under no circumstances will those girls pay a visit to their matrimonial home.

The Professor duly explained this terms and conditions to his Gambian girlfriend when the relationship started.

However, the Gambian lady also had a strong sexual desire and always wanted the Professor to make love to her every afternoon – either in her home or at a particular hotel.

‘It’s been going on for years’ a source said, ‘The Professor refused to pick her calls on Thursday when she was in the mood for their usual s*x party.’

The Gambian lady is reported to file a defense at the court stating:

‘I got alarmed as to why my lover didn’t pick my calls. I decided to check up on him at home which is 200metres away from my workplace.’

‘When your s*x drive is high that’s what happens. I needed instant s*xual healing..I absolutely knew it was against the relationship rule not to go to the man’s house. But… ‘

The high-libido lady could go to jail for 5 years over unlawful entry charge.

A Legal Practitioner, Georgio Q. Y. E said ‘There could be more charges. The lady made a big mistake. She has breached the conditions attached to her relationship with the Professor and must pay for it.’

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