Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Big TEMPTATION: Moesha Boduong Splashes Her “TONGA” On Social Media


Social media users are making fun of the size of Moesha Buduong’s ‘meat pie’. People are passionately talking about as if it is a tourist attraction.

The actress cum model shared a photo of herself on Instagram on Monday.

Moesha is seen seated at the front of a nice vehicle which is parked adjacent an uncompleted storey building.

Moesha’s handbag which possibly contains her ATM, cheques, make-up kit and business proposals is also spotted on the driver’s seat.

And because Moesha is sitting down, you will find that she has opened up her legs -about 150 degrees.


Most people have commented on the photo but their attention has greatly being on what’s between the legs of Moesha.

ADVERTISEMENT can report that some of the views that have been shared on the actress’ Instagram page are mixed – nasty but funny.

As it is normally said, seeing is believing.Visit Moesha’s personal Instagram page to read the comments.


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