Oops! Lady ‘PLAYS’ With Shatta Wale’s MANH00D In Leaked PHOTO

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Self-acclaimed Dance hall King, Shatta Wale appears to be warming up to hit the stage as a professional comedian any time soon.

But is Shatta Wale that funny? We absolutely think so.

Some of the things that the controversial musician has been saying and doing on social media recently can make you to either break your ribs or catch runny tummy.

The funny side of Shatta Wale was wholly unveiled when he passed comments about a shocking revelation by a snapchat user that some Ghanaian slay queens allegedly receive just Ghc 300 or less for sleeping with men.

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The expose’ also alleged that some of the social media female celebrities have indeed contracted the deadly disease, HIV/AIDS.

A section of the public is angry with the slay queens. A lot of people think that a Ghanaian girl’s p.U$$y should not be priced that low considering how crispy and yummy the Ghanaian p.U$$y is.

And oh yeah, Shatta Wale seems to agree with this view. He however did not condemn the slay queens for sleeping around with men for cash in a video he released on social media.

Shatta’s only concern was that, the men who sleep with these ladies should consider increasing the amount to help them to raise enough money to build their own mansions and buy good cars to merit their fake lifestyle on Instagram and the likes.

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As you may be aware, Shatta Wale has broken up with his ex-wife, or if you like ex-girlfriend, Shatta Michy.

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Rumours suggest that Michy is now so broke that she sells fried yam and chicken on the streets of Accra.

And OMG, ‘lonely’ Shatta is under nobody’s control again. Birds of the same feathers flock together. Sister Deborah, who has also been ‘used’ and ‘dumped’ by her ex-lover (Medikal) has been spotted ‘playing’ with the balls of Shatta Wale in the latest photo sighted by Kasatintin.com.

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It is not clear at this moment if the couple are secretly seeing each other or are planning to do so in future.

The viral photo (below) about Shatta and ‘Kakalika’ Sister Deborah will just make you laugh.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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