Saturday, December 10, 2022

McBrown Gives BIRTH To A Baby Girl. BUT…Who’s The REAL Father Of This New Child?

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It is no more a rumour. can report that Actress Nana Ama McBrown has safely delivered a baby girl in a plush hospital in Canada.

The actress has since Wednesday kept silent over the gender of her newly born baby although she had earlier shared lovely photos and video of her baby bump on social media.

It is understandable why McBrown is pretty much excited about her new baby and also spreading the news same way CNN, BBC and JoyNews often telecast their breaking news.


The truth is that McBrown has been married for close to three years but has had no child until now. Fortunately, she has welcomed her first child, and it is a girl.

Research shows that most women dream of having a girl child because they want to play with their hair and gossip with them.

Ironically, most Ghanaians expected the actress to deliver a twin just as she had announced on a television programme a few months ago. Perhaps, it was joke or the work of a faulty ultrasound scan machine!


All the same, McBrown should be thankful to God for giving her a child at age 45. The proud father of this new baby is Canad-based Ghanaian businessman, Maxwell Ansah and McBrown’s only husband.

Watch video below to see how McBrown prepared before finally going to the labour ward.


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