I’m So COLD. But I’ll Be WARM Tonight… ‘S€x Starved’ Bisa Kdei Reveals In An INSTAGRAM Post

We all know what it means when a man says he is feeling cold but he’ll be warm in the night.

And we know it. It is only s3x that can perfectly keep a man warm at night -not a crate of beer.

Ghanaian singer, Bisa Kdei is on a holiday in Germany. It appears the ‘Mansa’ hit maker is finding it difficult to cope with the cold weather in Dusseldorf, Germany and has begun crying out loud like Nana Mama McBrown’s newly born baby.

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‘I’m feeling cold’ Bisa Kdei stated in a post sighted by Kasatintin.com on the artiste’s Instagram page.

Already, Bisa Kdei has a plan to deal with his predicament.

‘But I’ll be warm tonight’, the musician disclosed in his post.

Every man needs a bit of hot s€x to keep himself warm when the weather condition hits the temperature of a mortuary fridge.

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Unfortunately, we can’t read Bisa Kdei’s mind to ascertain the plans he has to keep himself warm in the night.

In all this, one Brazilian lady, with the Instagram username xitana22 seems to understand Bisa Kdei’s language.

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She is prepared to keep the ‘horny’ Ghanaian musician happy regardless of the consequences.

‘Let me warm you up’, xitana22 responded to Bisa Kdei’s post.

As to what the Brazilian lady meant by sending such a comment, only Bisa Kdei can tell us.

Kasatintin.com is keeping an eagle eye on the couple and will update you, our cherished readers on any action Bisa Kdei will take concerning the Brazilian lady’s offer.

See Bisa Kdei’s Instagram post below:

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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