Monday, November 28, 2022

Two University STUDENTS Caught On TAPE ‘Ch0pping’ Themselves As If They Hold PhD In L0VĘ MAKING

ADVERTISEMENT has sighted a video in which two ‘shameless’ university students (male and female) are having serious $*xual intercour$e in a room claimed to be their hostel.

The students are seen seriously b0nkin9 themselves so hard as though life has no end.

The couple dutifully showcased the ‘w0man-on-top’ or the ‘c0wgirl’ $*x position. And it is professionally done. The man, who keeps a bushy pubic hair twice the level of Atiwa Forest  lies on his back whiles the lady sits on him in order to have full control of the p£n*$.

As a starter, the female student pushes her partner’s big erecteđ manh00d into her ‘bushy’ vag!.na. And because the va..jay.jay is already wet like a swimming pool, the p£n*$ easily enters the ‘hole’ without missing its way.

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The ‘c0wgirl’ $*x style allowed the lady to be fully in-charge of the game. She swings her waist left, centre, right, and forward to give the man the best $*xual experience. It is a give and take affairs. The man is also seen in action as he repeatedly strums his partner’s clit0ris to increase her excitement.


The lady once in a while runs commentary to signify her partner is hitting the G-sp0t very right.

 ‘Ah..oo.. mmm, you will kill me baby…I love you baby’, the female student screams silently.


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