Your Generation Will FEED On My Daughter’s $H!T… ‘Pepper Mouthed’ Afia Schwarzenegger ‘CUR$E$’ Instagram User

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Controversial radio and TV personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has ‘cur$ed’ one of her social media followers for passing ‘silly’ comment on her post.

Afia shared a photo of her daughter on her Instagram page with the caption:

‘You complete my are my living proof to Gods abundant grace and I love you my only biological daughter @penalistic_pena…Osuto aaa woyeri wo pebremu!!! The river that floods during dry season…i thank God for you’.

The Instagram user,@drewspela responded to the post and said: ‘Ur daughter looks like a m0nkey for God sake@afiaschwarzenegger’.

Afia Schwarzenegger then fired back with this response :

‘@drewspela don’t worry we all know ur generation will feast on her t0!let n its fine..prince Charles is ugly n rich in your poor mind looks good but hungry than my dog kezia…gyimifuorba’.

This is not the first time Afia Schwarzenegger has !n$ulted somebody on her Instagram page. Sister Afia is indeed very rude on social media but many have suggested she will change her ‘v!llage’ attitude when she grows up.

It is a big national problem if the so-called Ghanaian celebrities cannot tolerate n0nsense comments on their personal social media pages.

‘It is simply ‘childish’ , ‘uncultured’ and ‘shameful’ for female celebrities to spit !n$ults on social media fans’ Josephine Akoto, a Social Media Analyst explained in an interview with

Josephine added: ‘Fame has eaten deep down into their heads. ..It is time our female celebrities stopped treating their fans as a piece of t0!let paper’.

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Actress and TV presenter, Gloria Sarfo has also been caught calling one of her Instagram followers ‘$tu.p!d’.

Gloria Sarfo rained heavy !n$ults on the follower for sharing her views on an outfit she posted on Instagram. It will shock you to know that the dress which the ‘Efiewura’ actress wore and thought deserved national ward will not even meet the price of an aeroplane tyre.

See Afia Schwarzenegger’s post below.

Screenshot :Afia Schwarzenegger’s post


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