FINALLY! Angel Obinim FLIES To Heaven?

VIDEO: Angel Obinim wears women’s wig to church

Controversial Ghanaian prophet, Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim reportedly flew to Heaven this Friday.

‘Angel Obinim turned himself into a white horse – with a wing before flying to Heaven’, claimed a woman, who follows Obinim’s miracle service on television almost every second.

The woman, Auntie Grace (not real name) confessed to seeing Angel Obinim escape through a thick cloud around the Kotoka International Airport at about 12:00 am on Friday.

Auntie Grace explained to that the earth started shaking when Angel Obinim flapped his wings to embark on his historic trip to Heaven.

The woman added that ‘Two white angels sang along whiles Angel Obinim said a prayer in an unfamiliar language’.


Auntie Grace added that ‘One of the angels carried Obinim’s briefcase whereas the other held his bag containing items such as anointing oil, miracle sticker, communion wine and a big loaf of bread’.


The woman stated that Angel Obinim revealed himself to her in a dream and introduced the two white angels as Nimokafui and Ayetemfrem.

The purpose for Angel Obinim’s trip to Heaven is unknown for now. But our source has indicated he may spend three days in the ‘holiest city’.


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