Kasatintin Writes: Stop F!NGER!NG And SHÀV!NG The Pub!c Hair Of Our Actresses

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The Ghana movie industry is dead. A 6 -month-old baby will not even want to watch a Ghanaian movie because there is nothing exciting about it. Poor script, poor camera works and editing, and very poor characters to mention but a few.

The fact is that most people now prefer to watch animal channels, not a local movie which is full of ‘concert party’ characters like Nkansah Lil Wayne, Agya Koo, Kwaku Manu, Apostle John Pray, Mercy Asiedu and co.

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Trust me, majority of people will not even buy the CD of a Ghanaian movie (being it Ghallywood or Kumawood) if it was sold to them at the price of sachet water.

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In spite of this, I have watched a few Ghanaian movies which in my own view are topnotch. I have watched the ‘Devil Between My Legs’ and I like it. What other movie again… errr… I can’t remember any.

Some local movie producers and directors have found a new way of keeping themselves up in business.

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S£x, without a doubt sells so the smartest producers have decided to shoot blue films in order to make ends meet. And who tells you there are no p0rn actors and actresses in Ghana?

In a country where unemployment rate is as high as the smoke of ‘wee’, the people will grab any opportunity that puts money in their pocket.

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The first commercialized Ghana-made p0rn movie was called ‘The Adventure of Wapipi Jay’. It was shot in the early 2000s. All the characters in this h0t movie were Ghanaians and they spoke original Asante-Twi language.

The Ghana-made blue film was serialized (Part 1 up to 4). The lead character, Wapipi Jay slept with over 20 Ghanaian ladies who willingly featured in the ‘satanic’ movie.

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I am very certain most of you will search or have started typing the title of this blue film in your internet search engine. Caution. Turn down the volume if you are watching it at a public place! Only watch if there are no children around you.

The next controversial adult movies produced in Ghana were Socrate Sarfo’s ‘Hot Fork’ and ‘What S£x Can Do’. The scenes in these movies are next to hell.

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The kind of things which happen behind the scenes of the local movie industry too can best be described as horrible and disgusting. S£x -for-movie roles is a common sight. In some cases, the producers or directors request for it whereas other desperate ladies, in their quest for ‘overnight fame’ give it out freely.

Worst things have happened whiles the crew is on set. Media reports claimed that controversial movie producer, Socrates Sarfo once used a shaving stick to graze down a part of the thick pubic hair of an actress in the movie ‘What Sex Can Do’.

Did the movie producer shave the pubic hair of an actress? What nonsense!

Confession time. Comic actor Stephen Mawunyo, also known as Otelee (pronounced ‘)t3l3’ ) and ‘Biggie’ has confirmed that there are a lot of s£xual acts which happen on the set of local movies.

Otelee, in a chat with Zionfelix revealed how he nearly b0nked a very beautiful up and coming actress on set.

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The Kumawood actor related that his fingers ‘mistakenly’ touched the horny pie of the actress in the course of filming.

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He explained that his finger (s) accidentally touched the clit0ris of the actress when he was ‘smooching’ the beautiful actress as part of his role in the said movie.

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Otelee said a lot of ‘useless’ things. According to Zionfelix the actor disclosed that ‘when he started smooching her, his hand unconsciously went to the area where her horny pot is and he noticed that she was without panties while they were on set. As a result, he decided to touch her clit, a move he hilariously revealed got this young actress all moaning and acting all weird’.

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Otelee didn’t mention if the actress had bushy hair down there or not. This reminds me of how Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel willfully removed her panties on a live programme on Kofi Adoma Nwanwani’s Kofi TV.

All the same, If I had money, I would produce a movie based on the narration of Otelee. Can we title the new movie ‘Finger Me Part 1 and 2) or ‘Otelee Amanehunu (Part 1, 2,3 and 4?’.

Sorry, I have to end here because my laptop battery is running low. It’s not my fault. Dumsor is back. I pray the lights come back in the next 12 hours. We will continue our conversation when I am able to recharge my laptop. See ya.

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