4 Things Ladies HATE During S£X – Just Read + Video

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VIDEO: Top 5 facts about the woman’s vag!na

‘Tapoli’ shaped actress, model and Instagram slay queen, Princess Shyngle will soon take over the work of s*x educator and relationship expert, Akumaa Mama Zimbi.

Princess Shyngle has released series of videos in recent times in which she dishes out advice on s*x and relationship to her Instagram followers.

In one of her videos, she advised that single women should stop doing house chores for men whiles courting. The controversial model suggested that men are hard to please so women should not kill themselves to get a man’s attention.

 ‘Ladies, you all need to understand that cooking for a man cannot keep him. Cleaning for a man cannot keep him’ she said, and added ‘Washing his clothes, being the perfect girlfriend cannot keep a man’.

Princess Shyngle continued: ‘Having s*x with him 24hours, giving him all the best s*x positions in the world cannot keep a man. Being the hottest and most beautiful girl in town with the ‘baddest’ body or the most gorgeous face cannot keep a man’.

In her opinion, ‘You can only keep a man that wants to be kept. You ladies need to understand that you can’t force a man to want you’.

In a latest video sighted by Kasatintin.com, Princess Shyngle discussed ‘4 things women hate during sex’ and emphasized that most women get turn off when a man pulls out his d*ck too early to penetrate the vag!na after a few minutes of romance.

Princess Shyngle also revealed that women hate it when a man makes it too obvious that he wants oral s*x. For instance grabbing your girls head and pushing it towards your d*ck.

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‘It’s such a turn off. Let her do it when she wants to. Let her go down on you when she’s ready. It is a process. Let things flow’, she advised.

Also, according to your new s*x teacher Shyngle, men should learn to respect the clit0ris and pamper it in a way that allows the woman to get wet naturally.

Lastly, she also cautioned the ‘rough riders’ who bang the vag!na as if they are breaking down the walls of Jericho.

‘When you guys are unnecessarily rough like ra..ra..ra are we fighting? Like just take it easy’, Princess Shyngle observed and also added: ‘Let things flow…show her that you care. Show her that you enjoy what you’re doing. Make her love it. Let her cum naturally…don’t force it’

This is just a summary of the sex tips Princess Shyngle has been sharing on social media. There is more in the video below. Watch it now.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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