Monday, November 28, 2022

Boy, 15 IMPRℇGNATES Headmistress, ‘Canteen Madam’ And Senior Girls’ Prefect At The Same Time

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A report sighted by indicates that a boy in Class 6 has managed to put the headmistress and the caterer of his school in the family way.

The 15-year-old boy is also said to have impregnated the Senior Girls’ Prefect of the same school.

Information about how the teenager had his way into the priv@te parts of the grown-ups is sketchy as of now.

But is very much interested in this latest hot gossip and as such, has been working around the clock to get further information about this rather bizzare incident.

We know our readers are eager to hear the news behind the news about the small boy who has unbelievably impregnated his headmistress, ‘Canteen Madam’ and a colleague female students at the same time.

This website gathers from some social media posts that the teenage boy allegedly used ‘juju’ (black powers) to ‘trap’ the three victims.


However, based on our strict editorial and advertisement policy, we are unable to publish how the class 6 pupil judiciously used ‘juju’ to hypnotise the two school officials and the Senior Girls’ Prefect.

On social media right now, a section of the public has attributed the teenager’s bizarre behaviour to poor parenting whereas others have proposed that the ‘bad boy’ should immediately be sent to the psychiatry to ascertain his mental state.

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