Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Man Sues Girlfriend For Raping Him More Than 70 Times


A Ghanaian man (name withheld) has accused his 45-year-old sugar mummy of raping him.

The man, 27 who lives in Saskatchewan, Canada narrates that his girlfriend is a $èx addict and has forcibly slept with him more than seventy (70) times since they started their relationship two months ago. And the woman is still asking for more s#x. gathers that the ‘s#xually frustrated’ man now wants to go to court to receive state backing to flee the ‘sour’ relationship.

The man revealed that ‘This woman takes advantage of me because of money. She invites me to hotels, her office and have s#x with against my will. Most of these times, I will not be in the m00d. But she will hold my neck and put her big brea$t into my mouth.’

‘Hmm, that’s my weak point, though. I try to control myself …but she’ll squeeze my balls with her soft hands and suck my manh00D like toffee. Before I open my eyes, she’s making love to me.’

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The man claims he was a v!rg!n before meeting his sugar mummy.


‘She destroyed my dream of becoming a catholic priest. I feel guilty by not pursuing this dream.’

He is willing to give a strong evidence in court to support his claim and to prove that men too can be raped.  


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