I Get S€XUAL Feelings When I BREASTFEED My Baby And CLEAN My Teeth…Woman Confesses

A Ghanaian woman, 30 has revealed that she gets an orgasm anytime she breastfeeds her baby and clean her teeth.

The woman who sent a confidential email to Kasatintin.com for help indicated that she discovered her breast and teeth were the most sensitive part of her body when she turned 13 years.

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‘I had a great s€xual feelings when a guy f0ndled my breast whiles fighting with him in school’, she said and added ‘Can you imagine I begged this guy to ‘chop’ me after school? Since then, many guys took advantage of me because touching of the breast tickles me.’


She revealed that ‘Before this, I had experienced so many s€xual arousals just by brushing my teeth.’

The married woman further stated in her post to Kasatintin.com that ‘I quickly get aroused each time my little son sucks my nipples…my teeth is also very sensitive. My clit0r!s begins to swell up when I pick my toothbrush; I wet my pant day and night when I clean my teeth.’


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The ‘disturbed’ woman added that ‘I can’t help it but to finger myself when I engage in these two activities -breast feeding and brushing of teeth.’


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