FINALLY! 35 Year Old Actress, Yvonne Okoro Also Gets A BOYFRIEND. And We Can’t Keep QUIET About It (See PHOTO)

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Yvonne Okoro turns 35 this year on November 6.

In Ghana and most African cultures, a woman is considered ‘expired’ when she’s not married by her late 30s.

Obviously, Yvonne Okoro is ageing. 35 years is not a joke. She is gradually becoming an ‘old lady’- by Ghanaian definition.

‘Ghana is a village’ (Apologies to Shatta Wale) so many will insist that Okoro should get married before age 40.

Unfortunately, those who make such unnecessary demands forget that men are indeed in short supply on the market, and even if every man considers marrying at least seven women on the go, a million of the women will still not get a husband.

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As if she is scared of the ‘primitive’ tag and learnt how the ‘old lady’ syndrome has affected the psychological make up of single women in her age group , Okoro has also been incidentally ‘pressured’ to show the face of the man she’s dating.

The actress gave some essential details of her lover in a social media post sighted by this weekend.

We are pleased to announce that Okoro did not fall in love with a trotro driver, neither with a coconut seller nor a banker but a colleague actor, who some social media commentators claimed to be James Gardiner.

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Okoro shared a photo of herself and her supposed lover on Instagram and added the caption: ‘Who said two actors cant fall in love #itiswhatitis‘.

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If it is what is, as Okoro wants us to believe from the social media post then, we wish them the best of luck in their relationship.

We expect another celebrity wedding soon. Or is Yvonne Okoro already pregnant?

See a screenshot of the actress’ post below.

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