Saturday, October 1, 2022

LISTEN UP: Angel Obinim To Host ‘PEPPER Direction’ Service For His Church Members. Next Will Be ‘BENTUA’ Direction

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Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim is ready to host what he calls ‘Pepper Direction’ church service by the end of July, this year.

In simple explanation, the controversial man of God seeks to command instant miracle from Heaven for any person who brings ‘fresh’ pepper to his Kumasi Branch on 29th July.

The public have often questioned Angel Obinim’s credibility as a true man of God as well as his way of performing miracles at the International God’s Way Church.

In 2017, the self-acclaimed Angel of God, who is surprisingly married and have children on earth, asked his church members to bring their used panties, braziers and boxer shorts to him in return for God’s blessings.

Not long ago, Angel Obinim reportedly ordered a lady to carry a bag of cement around for more than an hour just for him to gift her winning lotto numbers.

So, in whose name is Angel Obinim performing all these seemingly fàke miracles? Are the so-called miracles or wonders in line with what is clearly written in the scripture?


Yesterday, it was ‘Panties Direction’; Today, it is ‘Pepper Direction’.

Obinim and his two angel friends, Nimokafui and Ayetemfrem can pull a surprise anytime. Guess what may happen tomorrow: ‘Pepper Soup Direction’ and ‘Bentua (enema bulb syringe) Direction’.


Watch the video below.


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