Is It TRUE That Moesha Buduong Is Now DAT!NG American Singer/Actor, Ne-Yo? (See VIDEO)

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Curvaceous Ghanaian actress and model, Moesha Buduong has shared a video of herself and top American singer and dancer, Ne-Yo on her Instagram page.

The viral video is the talk of town at the moment. has sighted a copy of the video and some nice photos featuring Moesha, 29 and Ne-Yo can report that the pair are simply happy seeing each other probably for the first time.

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Moesha’s eyes appeared to glow with love in the video whiles Ne-Yo spoke and blew a romantic k!ss into the camera. Moesha responded beautifully by smiling and showing about 12 of her white, well-arranged sparkling teeth.

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Moesha, most loved for her avocado body shape, attended the 2019 edition of the BET Awards held in Los Angeles. She actually represented Ghana at this year’s BET Awards. We don’t know for a fact if Moesha has found love in America.

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But there is certainly is no smoke without fire.

Ne-Yo and Moesha, does it look like a perfect match?

Watch the video below.


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