Vicky Zugah Is RIGHT! Ghanaian Women Are ‘CH!SEL’. They Don’t PAY The Bills If A Man Is BROKE

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Actress Vicky Zugah, who doesn’t consider marriage as her priority right now is on f!re this week.

The actress, widely known for her unpopular opinions on marriage has advised married women on what to do when their husbands are broke.

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Vicky Zugah noted in a video she posted on her Instagram page that it is absolutely wrong for a woman to foam at the mouth when it gets to the point she has to provide some financial support at home especially when the man has lost his job.

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It is almost an ‘African thing’ for some women to assume that it is solely the man’s responsibility to provide the money for whatever the family needs.

Thus, some women behave as though they will have runny stomach if they use part of their money to pay their ward’s school fees and settle the bills.

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Vicky Zugah blamed women for being so stingy at times things aren’t going on well with their husbands.

‘Why are some women so ch!sel like that?’, she asked.

Vicky added that ‘Why do you complain when you provide food for your unemployed husband… You have paid your own children’s school and want the whole world to know about it… You have money but the rent is about to expire and you don’t want to pay it. Where will you sleep?’.

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From what Vicky Zugah has shared, one can easily conclude that she will make a good wife. But the ‘all knowing’ and $exy actress is still single.

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According to a media report , Vicky Zugah stated in a Facebook Live video on Sunday, March 23, 2019 that she ‘ would rather be single than to be married and be miserable. Looking at the divorce rate out there, I think I am okay being single right now’.

I don’t think Vicky is okay being single. She has not found the right man. Can someone inform her that, I am also single and ready to mingle?

I will ‘hala’ you tonight, Vicky!

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