Man Finally Calls For DIV0RCE After Wife Refused To SHAVE Her Gen!tals For 8 Years

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A Kumasi-based businessman has taken a firm decision to quit his 10-year-old marriage because, his wife has not shaved her pr!vate part for the past 8 years.

The man, who prefers to be called Peter, for the sake of this news report, explained in an exclusive interview with that he is just ‘fed up living with a woman who can’t keep her ‘down below’ very neat’.

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Distressed Peter told’s Founding Editor that his wife has shaved her pubes only twice since they got married a decade ago.

Our investigations revealed that the woman has refused to trim her pubes all these years because, her own friends had given her a hint that, Peter likes ladies who keep overgrown pubic hair.

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Peter said ‘It’s sad my wife won’t shave but always wants me to put my mouth in her hairy h0neyp0t and l!ck it for her like a hungry mad dog’.

The businessman described his s*xuàl experience with his wife as very terrible saying ‘Most of the time some of the pubic hair get stuçk in my mouth. I have to remove it with a toothpick’.

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‘It is not easy to penetrate her vag.!NA because the whole place looks bushy…I often miss the right hole. It’s pathetic’, Peter added.

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Peter did not mention if his wife’s underpart really smelled bad like the armpit of a dead cockroach as a result of her ‘unhygienic’ thick bushy hair.

But his decision to leave the marriage now, is enough to tell anyone that Peter has really gone through a lot in his relationship.

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SOURCE: Kasatintin

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