Did You KNOW That Angel Obinim Was A FOOTBALLER Before Becoming An ‘Osofo Moko’? (See PHOTO)

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Controversial Ghanaian prophet, Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim was once a professional footballer, Kasatintin.com has gathered.

It is not clear at this time why Angel Obinim abandoned his football career to become a pastor.

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The self-acclaimed man of God may not regret taking the hardest decision to become a pastor.

Angel Obinim can be counted among the Top 5 richest pastors in Ghana. But in terms of ‘dubious’ miracles, he is number 1.

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The International Gods Way Church founder has made more money engaging in church business. Even the hair cream that Obinim uses tells that, jack is a high class man.

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Angel Obinim is a bragart. He has promised to buy about five private jets if Ghanaians dare him but it has proven to be one of his usual sweet talks.

Kasatintin.com now shares a throwback photo of when Angel Obinim was a footballer. This photo is trending on social media.

PHOTO: Angel Daniel Obinim (Arrow pointing to head)

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