BREAKING: Ghanaian Pastor RESURRECTS 2 Dead Bodies At The MORTUARY (See VIDEO)

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Ghanaian Pastor, Ernest Addo claims he has divine powers to resurrect the dead.

Pastor Addo eloquently revealed in an exclusive interview with Kasatintin TV that, he has discovered the key principles of raising the dead.

Pastor Addo disclosed that he has performed several miracles greatest of these has been his ability to bring back to life two dead bodies in Ghana.

He stated that one of them had passed on for close to 8 years.

Pastor Addo, who heads the Throne of God’s Grace Ministries in Accra attributed his ability to raise the dead to the grace of God saying ‘In the raising of the dead, one, God has to give you that grace, like the grace to kill… and when that grace comes, it trains you in the grace. And that is what God did for me.’

Resurrection Challenge

A video of a South African pastor claiming to have resurrected a man from the dead went viral early this year.

The self-styled prophet,  Alph Lukau faced lawsuits, a probe and social media ridicule for claiming to have resurrected a dead man at his church, Alleluia International Ministries, in Sandton, Johannesburg.

A viral video showed Pastor Alph Lukau shouting ‘rise up’ to a man who was comfortably lying down in a coffin wearing a white suit and gloves with cotton stuffed in his nose.

In less than a second, the dead man suddenly jerked upright to cheers from the worshippers. He then stepped out of the coffin and walked to eat the food he was offered at the front row of the church.

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But many believed the whole ‘resurrection miracle’ was stage-managed. The public engaged in a #resurrectionchallenge video to mimic the miracle of Pastor Lukau.

Pastor Ernest Addo has however thinks that ‘Lukau’s miracle’ is a genuine one.

Watch the video below. Pastor demonstrates how he managed to restore life in two dead bodies.

VIDEO: Pastor Ernest Addo explains The Powers He Has To Resurrect The Dead


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