Help! I’m Madly In LOVE With My PASTOR. I Want To SEDUCE Him–‘H0rny’ Lady Cries

Dear Kasatintin, I am very confused and annoyed with myself now.

I am a young lady, very beautiful and intelligent.

I will turn 28 years next month but I am single.This makes me cry all-day. I feel like k!ll!n9 myself.

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I have promised myself to get married by 29 years and I am serious about it.

Kasatintin, I have high hopes that the new pastor who has been posted to my church will marry me.


On Valentine’s Day, I sent him a special gift- 3 boxer shorts, 3 singlets, 3 red G-string, 2 bars of chocolate, 1 bottle of wine and a pack of condom plus an ‘I Love You’ Card.

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