Saturday, December 10, 2022

T00 Bad. Watch How A Young LADY ‘H0rribly’ Made FUN 0f Bishop Obinim On Social Media


Ghanaians will never stop making fun 0f Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim.

But Bishop Obinim is a first class attenti0n seeker and ‘slay king’ so he rather enjoys all the controversial things often said about him and the out-of-the way miracles he mostly performs in his place of worship, which he prefers to call it the International God’s Way Church (IGWC).

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Precisely speaking, ‘Angel’ Obinim’s behaviour flows like a regular menstrual cycle, very predicable.

He claims to have met Adam and Eve in person and also undertaken certain missions with archangel Gabriel and Michael. Obinim can also transf0rm himself into all kinds of animal- lion, horse, grasscutter, dog, pig, cat and snake. Does it look like a scene in a cartoon movie you’ve watched recently?


We shouldn’t be surprised if Angel Obinim publicly announces some day that he originally convinced G0d to create heaven and earth.


It is a fact that most Christians have stopped reading the scriptures. Why wouldn’t people like Angel Obinim have the chance to contr0l their brains?

It is indeed laugh-a-ble to the square root of 10 how Obinim sweetly convinced one of his congregants that he has turned a loaf of bread into real cash.


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