Kasatintin Writes: If The VAG!NA Could Speak, Many Women Would Be In JAIL By Now

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It’s not easy o. A young Ghanaian lady has taken ‘Ashaw0’ business to another level.  For her, she sleeps around not with ordinary men but celebrities.

That sounds like a cur$e but the on the contrary, the lady seems to care less about how much her vag!na abhors fornication.

This lady (or slay queen) being talked about is seen in a viral video arrogantly bragging about the number of men she has successfully tasted their bananas.

She is clearly heard saying ‘Life is not a race. So it is, if you want to be f*cked by a star or celebrity. Don’t rush. Do you understand? Do you know the number of celebrities who have ‘eaten’ me?’

The lady who kept running her mouth in the viral video like a familiar fake doctor who sells drugs in Kaneshie trotro , also dropped the names of the the so-called celebrities she has supposedly slept with.

It is none of anybody’s business to tell the lady as to what to do with her own vag!na or what kind of mah00d she should allow to pass through it.

Our contribution will be to advise her to stop the ‘Ashaw0’ business and find a better job to do. After all, she is not any better than the young ladies who sell plantain chips and iced water by the road side.

I observe that the lady lacks ‘common sense’ hence requires both psychological counseling and spiritual deliverance. Thankfully, Counselor George Lutterodt and Prophet Kumchacha can come together and offer some useful support in this direction.

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She will definitely become a burden to society if we do not help her today. What if she contracts sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS or Gonorrhea today?

What then happens in the unlikely event that your sexual partner have s*x with her in that condition and sleeps with you too afterwards?

There is no doubt that this lady is very experienced and may even have a PhD in ‘p*n!s ch0pping’. As such, it will be much difficult for her to quit her immoral behaviour.

But hey, let’s support her in any way that we can, to enable her come out of the filthy lifestyle successfully.

All the same, if the vag!na could speak, it would probably say a whole lot of negative things against this lady and her wayward lifestyle, and I am sure she would be in jail by now. 10 years jail term may even not be enough for her.

Do you see yourself in this masterpiece? What do you think about this issue?

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