Thursday, December 1, 2022

I Have Tasted The D!.CK Of Almost Every Ghanaian CELEBRITY –Lady Brags On Social Media (See VIDEO)


It is disturbing how some young Ghanaian ladies have become so addicted to s*x these days and even do not feel shy begging men publicly to fck them for free.

One of such ladies has been sighted in a viral video boasting about the number of celebrities she has slept with.

According to her, it is a privilege to taste the d!.ck of a celebrity so she has turned herself into sniffing dog and jumps on any celebrity who wants a free ride.

Our lovely ‘p*n!s testing officer’ is clearly heard in the video saying ‘Life is not a race. So it is, if you want to be f*cked by a star or celebrity. Don’t rush. Do you understand? Do you know the number of celebrities who have ‘eaten’ me before?

She continues by mentioning the names of  the-so-called Ghanaian celebrities she has flirted with. cannot independently verify that the lady has had any form of s*xual contact or otherwise with the people she has cited in the video beneath this article.


Our concern, at this time, is to know from you, our cherished readers how we can collectively help our young girls come out of this devilish behaviour.


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