Kasatintin Writes: No Serious DRUNKARD Will Even !nsult Ghanaian WOMEN So Bad Like The WAY Prophet Badu Kobi Did

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Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi may be the only person in the country who is finding it difficult to sleep comfortably these days.

There is an excessive pressure on the man of God to render an unqualified apology over his ignorant ethnocentric comments against certain class of women in Ghana.

The so-called prophet, in a recent viral video, opened his beautiful mouth very wide like a dead fish and cautioned men not to marry women from the Ashanti tribe because they are very greedy.

Prophet Badu Kobi also disrespectfully described Fante women as ‘foolish’.

The Prophet further made a baseless remarks about Ewe women, referring to them as ‘doormat’.

Prophet Badu Kobi has justified that every word that he used against Asante, Fante and Ewe women was based on a certain research he had conducted over the years.

But it will be hard for anybody to accept the findings of Badu Kobi’s ‘fake’ research at this time. It is a threat to national cohesion.

The man of God deserves condemnation and d!rty slaps for speaking ill about Ghanaian women.

No serious drunkard will dare use such stinking words to describe decent Ghanaian women like the way Prophet Badu Kobi did.

Prophet Badu Kobi is unwilling to apologise to anyone for branding Asante women as ‘greedy’, Fante women as ‘f00lish’ and Ewe women as ‘doormat’.

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From all indications, Prophet Badu Kobi has an unrepentant heart. He will not even say sorry if he met Jesus Christ face-to-face today.

Doomsday is here. Prophet Badu Kobi’s church is going down.

According to a report ‘female church members of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi’s church have advised themselves following his ethnocentric comments.’

The rumour is that ‘In a live Facebook video on the church’s Facebook page during his usual Thursday service, hundreds of empty seats were spotted at his church which rarely happens.’

It is said that during the live Facebook streaming at his church, only 25 people were spotted watching online.

Women constitute 98% of every church. It is strange why Prophet Badu Kobi does not recognise the power of women and the role they have played in building his ‘collapsing’ church.

Prophet Badu Kobi would have been ‘Mr Nobody’ had not been the collective effort of women. It’s sad the same women have brought him down.

Let us all watch our mouth. It can lead us into temptation.

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