Babies Who $UCK Their Mum’s BREA$T And Keep Their Hands On The Other Brea$t GROW UP To Become ‘Corrupt’ POLITICIANS

Spread the love has uncovered the true reason why most politicians are corrupt these days.

A social media post sighted by this website has suggests that ‘corrupt politicians’ possibly pick their bad behaviour from the improper manner they $uck their mother’s brea$t at childhood.

The post stated that corrupt politicians have a special way of $ucking their mother’s brea$t; they drink milk from one b00b while they use one hand to grab the other brea$t which is not in use.

The anonymous social media post related that ‘Babies who suck their mum’s brea$t and keep their hands on the other brea$t. They are the babies who grow up to become [corrupt] politicians’.

Now that we know how ‘corrupt’ politicians are made, can we make a special appeal to mothers to control their babies whenever they breastfeed them?

Watch the video below.


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