Saturday, December 10, 2022

Pamela Odame OPENS Beer Bottle With Her B!g, Juicy ßREA$T Instead Of Allowing Her Boyfriend To DRINK It Like Ice Kenkey (See VIDEO)


Ghanaian model, Pamela Odame Watara gets a lot of attention because of the kind of b00bs she has.

Pamela Odame is blessed with a very big and sumptuous heavy brea$t.

Any man who gets the chance to marry Pamela Odame should thank his stars because he wouldn’t have to waste money to buy blanket and pillow. The ‘asset’ which the model possesses is enough to provide the comfort the man desires in the bedroom.

Pamela Odame’s brea$t, like any other woman, is largely meant to be sucked by babies and men. But she has found another amazing way to use her heavy ‘melons’. has obtained an exclusive video in which Pamela Odame is seen using her b00bie to remove the cap of a beer bottle.

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See the video of Pamela Odame’s ‘bottle cap challenge’ below. Scroll down for more videos.

This website gathers that ‘breastina’ Pamela actually took part in the ‘bottle cap challenge’ , a social media craze which requires participants to use ‘turning kick’ to unscrew the cap of a bottle.


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