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Minister Wants NAMES Of Married Men PUBLISHED On State Website So As To STOP Men From Cheating. Any OBJECTION?


A Regional Commissioner in Tazania, Paul Makonda wants the names of all married men published on the internet in a bid to check infidelity.

In the view of Paul Makonda, single women can always check online before accepting any marriage proposal from a man.

Makonda, who claims to be more concerned about the welfare of women more than even his own life, believes his proposal would stop married men from preying on unsuspecting single ladies.

The Dar es Salaam governor means business and he is willing to do whatever he can to protect single women against the era of ‘promise and fail’ as well as ‘used and dumped’ syndrome.

‘Determined’ Makonda recently addressed the media and revealed a number of measures which he thinks could help check mass infidelity in his region.

He said ‘One of the ideas we have is that when a man marries, he should register on a database so that when a woman is given a promise to marry, she can go to the database and check whether the man is married or not.’


Makonda also added that if the measure is adopted, Christian, Muslim and customary marriages would all be registered on the national database.

Governor Makonda made a strong case on the need to create and publish a national database of married men to protect women from ‘heart breaks’, saying:


We live in a ‘free-your-mind’ world. You may describe Paul Makonda’s suggestions as ‘gibberish’ yet that’s his opinion.

Like it or not, Paul Makonda is the best ‘comic’ Politician Africa has ever produced. Makonda should be sorry for himself. No matter what you do, men will cheat.

No regulations can stop a man from cheating on his partner. Men and cheating are best friends. African men are naturally polygamous.

Statistically, one man is entitled to about 10 women if we consider the current world population. It will be absurd to stick to the old age one man, one woman relationship plan.

Moreover, the definition of ‘cheating’ has not been properly defined by Paul Makonda. He should come clear because some women agree cheating brings health competition and makes them ‘sit up’ in their relationship.

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Nobody can stop the Tanzanian government from creating and sharing a national database on married men to protect women from ‘heart breaks’.

But there are two sides to a coin. As Chinua Achebe puts it in Things Fall Apart, ‘Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learnt to fly without perching’.

As we ponder over Chinua Achebe’s wise words, a report has indicated that the World Health Organization has now classified one’s inability to find a s*xual partner as a disability.

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Watch Paul Makonda’s full statement in the video below.


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