Monday, November 28, 2022

Read If You’ve Not Had $*X Today


It is very difficult for most people to abstain from s€x when they are in a relationship.

Some people regard premarital $*x as a great sin whiles others have $*x almost everyday when they start dating.

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Based on the findings of the latest research by, we can report that most ‘unmarried couples’ have $*x regularly as though it has been prescribed by a qualified doctor to cure their chronic headache.

Thus, they ‘ch0p’ themselves two times in the morning, go another two rounds in the afternoon and relax with three rounds in the evening. They take just one shot at dawn.

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Those who want to ‘ch0p’ the ‘thing’ first before marriage often do so to clear their minds of any doubts related to the $exual fitness of their partners.


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Does it make any sense to buy a car when you have not done a test drive?


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