Thursday, December 8, 2022

STRANGE! Man Impregnates 15 Goats; Claims He Couldn’t RESIST Their Body Odour


A 32-year-old man has explained in an exclusive interview with why he slept with over a hundred goats and got 15 of them pregnant.

He also opened up that his appetite for s#x escalated anytime he smelled the body odour of a goat.

According to Kwame Adongo (not real name), he found the legs of a goat very attractive.

He said ‘It was a spiritual problem because I know it is not normal for a nice man like me to sleep with a goat. I have seen the faces of about 15 goats on the street. They look just like mine and I conclude I’m their real father.’

Kwame Adongo continued he was largely pushed to sleep with goats because of the attitude of his girlfriend.

He stated that ‘If I want to use the ‘road’, my girlfriend will demand money. I have to beg, ask my friends to intercede before she will allow me to go just one round.’


‘I fear getting AIDS , STDs and the rest’ Kwame Adongo told and added ‘ sleeping with a goat was the best available option at that time. ‘

Kwame Adongo said he is now a changed man.


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