BREAKING: Condom Shortage Hits Uganda. People Now Wash And Reuse Condoms

Ugandans may have to engage in raw $*x for the next three months as the country has currently run out of condom. has learnt that the 12 million male condoms which was in stock only sustained the market until the end of June.

The Ugandan government distributes 8 million ‘free’ condoms to the public each month but health experts say the freebies are woefully inadequate to meet the available demand.

According to information from the country’s Population Secretariat,  95% of the contraceptives budget is met by donors whiles the government takes on the remaining 5%.

In reality, Uganda needs as much as 240 million condoms per year but it receives just about 80 to 120 million condoms from its donor partners- Chinese government, USAID and UNFPA.

Poor Ugandans are very choosy with regards to the kind of free condoms they use. They prefer the government provides them with only branded condoms (such as Engabu, Life Guard pink, Love Time) which are donated by the Chinese government.


Ugandans often reject condoms which have no logo embossed on them claiming ‘It disrupts pleasure.’

It has emerged that it will likely take three months for new supplies to arrive in the country.


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