SEE IT: Couple Go Nak* d In Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photography is something young couples can not forgo these days.

The latest couple in town have taken their pre-wedding photoshoot to a different level by going nak* d.

The couple are captured in a photo hugging each other so tight like a lizard sitting on a very weak wall.

The couple appeared to be ‘doing the do’ as they face each other in a very c0mpr0mising way.

Their posture and nak* d b0dy only remind us of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as captured in the scriptures.

A stunned social media user said ‘If this is their pre-wedding photoshoot, I wonder what they will do on their 25th wedding anniversary.’


Another social media user also posted a comment on Kasatintin TV Instagram page and said ‘This is a disgrace. This marriage has started on the wrong note. It will not last.’


Click on this link to see the photo for yourself.


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