Shh! ‘0ut-0f-Date’ Actress Moesha Boduong Is Getting Married To An Indian Man? Read The Details

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Moesha Boduong’s big ‘artificial’ a$$ is taking her to places where she can meet new people, including finding a lifetime partner.

And Moesha Boduong is lucky. She has found an Indian man who we suspect is ready to take her to the alter very soon.

Moesha Boduong, who has confe$$ed to dating a $ugar daddy in the past introduced her supposed new boyfriend or husband-to-be, Walidmawas on her Instagram page some hours ago probably as an attempt to warn other girls to keep their eyes off him.

You don’t need a science teacher to explain to you that Moesha, the slayqueen has truly fallen in l0ve with Walidmawas.

Walidmawas and Moesha were having a nice time at a pub in the latest photo sighted by

Per the message which Moesha Boduong posted on her Instagram page, it is easy to adduce that the couple have possibly been put together as husband and wife through a secret marriage ceremony held not too long ago.

Moesha Boduong’s Instagram post read:

‘There are friends, there is family, then there are friends that become family@ walidmawas thank you for always been there for me. ‘

Earlier, Shatta Bandle, who claims to be richer than Bill Gates, Dangote , Osei Kwame Despite and most of your favourite billionaires had said in a media interview that Moesha Boduong was his girlfriend.

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Shatta Bandle even went ahead to describe how they have been ch0pping themselves in bed in that media interview.

Now, the way is clear. Moesha Boduong is not dating Shatta Bandle. We are wondering how he’s taking the latest twist to his claim.

Should Shatta Bandle cry or laugh about this issue?

See Moesha Boduong’s Instagram post below.

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