Sunday, December 4, 2022

‘Thick Lip’ Shatta Wale Finally Confirms ‘Ch0pping’ Efia Odo? (See Video)


Self-acclaimed Ghanaian Dancehall King, Shatta Wale has revealed in a new video that he has $lept with Efia Odo .

Not long ago, Shatta Wale and the award-winning actress cum radio and TV presenter were seen in another video busily playing around like married couples.

Indeed, it was hard to convince anyone who saw the video that there was nothing going on between the two Ghanaian celebrities.

Like pregnancy, we knew the truth about the alleged $ecret relationship between Shatta Wale and Efia Odo will certainly come out one day.

Thankfully, the truth is out. Shatta Wale has subtly confirmed the speculation that he is having a $ecret affa!r with ‘slim macho’ Efia Odo in a new video he posted on his Instagram page on Friday.


‘Thick lip’ Shatta claimed in the latest video that he has f* cked Efia Odo.


Efia Odo did not say a word in the viral video. She only l!cked her lips and cosily relaxed herself on the chest of the Dancehall King.

Shatta Wale run his mouth in the video. He uncontrollably b0asted about that about his $*xual powers, arguing he has damaged Efia Odo’s ‘h0neypot’ beyond repairs.


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