Wednesday, December 7, 2022

‘Don’t Use A Dry Pu $$y To Kill A Man’… Mama Gee Advises Women


Mama Gee, the young Ghanaian lady who the Food and Drugs Authority arrested some months ago for selling unregistered vag!na tightening cream and husband snatch!ng charm has advised her fellow women to be serious about their $*x life.

Mama Gee observed in a video sighted by that men are more likely to stay in a relationship if woman are able to offer them real, good $*x.

‘$*x minded’ Mama Gee also stated that a pu $$y which is as dry as sandpaper impedes happiness in the bedr00m.


She added that a good pu $$y mostly gets wⱸt and sl!my during f0replay. Mama Gee therefore charged women to do all that is possible to have this kind of h0neypot.

 ‘…Woman, don’t use a smelly pu $$y to k!ll your partner. Say no to ‘sandpaper’ pu $$y… Don’t use a dry pu $$y to k!ll a man…’, Mama Gee said and maintained that:

‘A man will play with you, he will r0mance you, he’ll k!ss you, he will l!ck you and still you are dry. Why? Are you a wood or you are aluminium or steel? Hey, be serious about your $*x life. Be happy and enjoy $*x.’


Mama Gee underscored the need for women to use herbal medicine to cure their numerous $*xual problems.

Learn about the 5 most effective ways to keep your vag !na tight and sweet in the video below.


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