Thursday, December 8, 2022

‘Short Man Dev!l’, Shatta Bandle Reveals How He Lost 4 of His Teeth (See Video)


Self-styled billionaire, Shatta Bandle has finally revealed how he lost not one, but four of his frontal teeth.

Technically, Shatta Bandle has 28 set of teeth left instead of 32. But like it or not, his four missing teeth have given him a striking identity which is now synonymous with the ‘Shatta Bandle brand’.

According to Shatta Bandle, he was not born without those teeth but he lost them through a near death motor accident.

He stated in a recent media interview that ‘I wasn’t born like this, I lost the teeth when I had a near-fatal car accident some years back. I don’t want to remember this accident all.’

Shatta Bandle added that ‘I don’t really care what people say about me. As human being, if you don’t value yourself, then who would value you? So I’m always happy just doing my thing’.

Until now, rumour was rife that Shatta Bandle had lost those teeth whiles chewing a very hard bone at a dog meat festival.


Others also suggested that Shatta Bandle might have missed his 4 teeth through excessive drinking of akpeteshie and hot pork soup.

There is more in the video below.


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