Eating Too Much ‘Koobi’ and ‘Momone’ Can Cause Heart Diseases – Doctor Claims

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Cardiologist, Dr Abdul Sahmed Tanko has revealed that excessive consumption of salted tilapia popularly known as ‘koobi’ can cause heart-related diseases.

Dr Sahmed Tanko further warned against eating too much of the foul-smelling fish, nicknamed ‘momone’ as it is also not safe for one’s health, and thus, has to be taken in moderation.

‘Koobi’ and ‘momone’ can be used to prepare a variety of Ghanaian dishes. For instance, roasted yam and ‘koobi’ make up a perfect lunch pack in a hot afternoon.

You don’t need to add any ‘sophisticated spices’ to your stew to bring out the special flavour your desire. Adding ‘momone’ to your stew can do the simple mag!c. Bet you, your neighbours will queue up at your door and beg you to serve them.

Cooking with ‘koobi’ and ‘momone’ are traditions that have been handed down from one generation to the other.

 But according to cardiologist, Dr Sahmed Tanko there is too much salt in koobi and momone contain too much salt as such it can cause damage to one’s hearts.

‘We put so much salt in our foods which is not good for our health. Excessive intake of ‘koobi’ and ‘momone’ can also cause heart-related diseases and I advise against it. We have to eat them in moderation,” he said.

Dr. Sahmed Tanko was speaking at the launch of Worlds Heart Day in Accra.

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This is not the first time some health experts have attempted to despi$e Ghanaian foods.

Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr Mensa Otabil described fufu as a menace which is killing Africans.

Dr Mensa Otabil, speaking at the National Convocation of the 2017 Springboard Roadshow, suggested that the process of preparing fufu is tedious and unhygienic.

The respected man of God was not comfortable that sweat of the one pounding the fufu usually ended up mixing with the food being prepared.

That’s not all. Another research also claimed that eating of fufu causes throat cancer.

Watch the video below for more details.


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