So Sad! Woman, 23 Suddenly Goes BLIND Whiles Having $£X

A popular Kumasi-based $*x worker (name withheld) is reported to have suddenly lost her sight minutes after swallowing the $emen of a certain drunk man.

Sources say the male client eja-cula-ted into the mouth of the victim during as they had had $*x at a mechanic shop at Abrepo Junction, a suburb of Kumasi on Saturday night.

‘The $*x worker complained she could not see well after she swallowed the $perm’, reports claimed.


It remains a mystery as to how the $ex lost her vision just by drinking $perms.

But gathers that the victim is a professional d!c k $ucker and can be best described as one who has ‘masters degree’ in giving bl0wjob.

We mat be exaggerating but those who know the victim very well claim she is a r0ugh rider in bed.


One man revealed that ‘No matter the size of your pr!ck, she has a special way of rubbing her small mouth, smooth tongue , baby teeth and r0mantic f!ngers around it to give you the plea$ure you desire.’

The victim has since been sent to a traditional priest in Nzema to treat her condition. Some residents in Kumasi argue the victim should have placed Angel Bishop Obinim ‘Miracle Sticker’ on the affected eyes to receive instant healing.


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