Doctors Cut Off Man’s P3n!$ After It Got Erected For 21 Days Nonstop. See Video

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Strange. A middle aged Ivorian man, known as Chief (not real name) has reportedly had an erect!on for the past 21 days and doctors are working hard to cool down the fire in his erected mah00d. gathers that Chief experienced the long erect!on after he drunk three bottles of a powerful locally-made gin known as ‘Take me there’.

A close friend claimed that ‘Chief was expecting one of his girlfriends to pay him a visit on Saturday. So he prepared himself well as he knew they will definitely have $*x that evening.’

Information suggests that this particular lady who was visiting had complained bitterly a week ago in the presence of her brother-in-law that Chief could not make her happy in bed.

She also threw words around the community that she would quit the relationship if Chief did not cure his disturbing $ęxual weakness.

‘My friend didn’t want to disgrace himself that night…He drunk three bottles of ‘Take me there’ gun to give him extra power to f!re his girlfriend so as to prove to her that things are not the same anymore.’

Unfortunately, the drink had an adverse effect on Chief. His pen!s became bigger and longer whiles his erect!on became stronger at the count of every 2 seconds.

Chief’s condition worsened by the day. has learnt that he only visited the hospital three weeks after a native doctor had failed to provide him solution to his abnormal condition.

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Doctors assured they are in full control of Chief’s condition and ‘he will be fine in just three days.’

But some of members of the public are appear to be extremely skeptical about this assurance. They fear doctors may completely cut off Chief’s manh00d once the community’s powerful priest could not heal the victim.

Chief is sighted in one viral video lying on his sickbed and wailing like a dumb cow.

Watch the video below.


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