Research Says Men Who Suck Their Partner’s Brea$t More Often Do Not Lose Their Hair At Old Age (See Video)

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October is regarded as Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year. The main objective of the annual international health campaign is to increase awareness of breast cancer.

But charity organisations also use the campaign to raise funds for research into the cause of breast cancer as well as prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure for the disease.

Men are encouraged to play a leading role in the breast awareness campaign. As a matter of fact, men are expected to educate their partners about the disease and to also screen their partner’s breast as often as they can to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Truthfully, some men take undue advantage of the campaign to unnecessarily play with the brea$t of their partners.

There is enough evidence that suggests that most men suck women’s brea$t from 1st to 31st October as a way of campaigning for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The findings of a new study has revealed that most men-young and old-are addicted to sucking women’s brea$t because feeding on the breast is a hygienic source of energy and essential nutrients such as Vitamin A.

The study which was conducted by a health and wellness research institution in South Africa examined men’s addiction to brea$t sucking and the impact of breast sucking on men’s health. It also assessed the effect of breast sucking activities on a woman’s breast.

A copy of the research document sighted by suggested that: ‘Men are fixated on women’s breast for very good reasons – not for $exual pleasure alone.’

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The study observed that ‘Almost all children are born with low stores of Vitamin A. It is recommended that during the first 6 months of life, mothers need to breastfeed exclusively to increase their babies’ Vitamin A stores.’

According to the study, sucking of the brea$t by the man has a stimulatory effect on breast milk secretion which largely contains Vitamin A.

‘Vitamin A reduces the risk of appetite loss in men, decreases the risk of eye problems as well as helps them to have high resistance to infections, hair loss and severe diarrhoea and anaemia.’

The findings of the study further stated that ‘Prolong sucking of the breast does not lead to the sagging of a woman’s breast.’

Ladies, why don’t you take a break –after watching the video below – and ask your partner to $uck your breast for you?

Watch the video below.

VIDEO: Why men $uck women’s brea$t


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