Woman With Two Vaginas And Double Womb Gives Birth To A ‘Miracle’ Baby

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A woman born with two wombs, two cervix and two vaginas has become a mother despite being told by doctors some years ago that she cannot conceive and subsequently give birth.

Eleanor Rowe, 36, discovered she had two cervix and two vaginas after going through an investigative operation at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in London in 2013.

Results of a 3D scan at a London clinic also showed that Eleanor possibly had two wombs.

So awful, in 2015, doctors removed the wall that divided Eleanor’s vaginas — leaving her with two cervix and wombs; they said it was unlikely for her to get pregnant.

Eleanor stated that : ‘They said getting a baby to full termination would be a process and that every time I would get pregnant it would help to stretch out the womb.

 ‘I was also told that there was a 90 per cent chance I would miscarry. That was horrific to hear.’

 Getting pregnant

It is still a miracle how Eleanor got pregnant and gave birth to Imogen Rose through caesarean section ( C-section) in July 2019.

‘Her pregnancy was ‘high risk’ and at 24 weeks, she discovered she had also contracted obstetric cholestasis, a serious liver disorder which can result in stillbirth’, writes Metro.co.uk’s  Emma Brazell.

Eleanor and her husband, Chris were totally unsure they could have children. Yet, the couple kept trying hard to get pregnant even after three years of marriage.

‘When I got married we did everything to try and raise our chances of getting pregnant.’

‘When we were on our honeymoon in Japan I made sure we rubbed the fertility tree in as that was meant to bring good luck’, Eleanor reiterated.

She added that ‘We were also told Japanese black beans were good for fertility. So I was eating them like there was no tomorrow.

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 ‘I tried to revamp my diet too by cutting out processed foods and even changed what cosmetic products I used.’

Luckily, two months after the ceremony, Eleanor felt she had taken seed in her right and weaker womb. Truly, she was pregnant.

The fetus was attached to the thin dividing wall; she suffered a miscarriage in the first trimester.

Delivering the baby

Contrary to Eleanor’s thoughts, the baby hadn’t miscarried naturally at all.

Quite weird, she felt signs of pregnancy again the same day she and her husband attended the funeral service for their miscarried child.

‘It was like we had been given a gift. We said goodbye to one baby and another one came to us’, she said.

After 28 weeks of anxiously keeping the pregnancy a secret, the couple finally broke the news to their family and friends. They started buying the baby clothes.

Notably, Eleanor’s pregnancy was a ‘high risk’. At 24 weeks, she noticed she had also contracted obstetric cholestasis — a serious liver disorder which could result in stillbirth.

But Eleanor beat the odds and gave birth to Imogen Rose on July 9, 2019 through a C- section .

Eleanor Rowe suffered uterus didelphys

Doctors say Eleanor suffered a condition known as uterus didelphys–a rare congenital abnormality that developed when she was a fetus.

 Uterus didelphys affects about one in every 2,000 women, many of whom simply do not know they have the condition.

Here is a little education about uterus didelphys:

Normally, during the embryonic stage of human development, a female has more than one ‘uterine horn’.

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If fusion of the two tubes, which are called Müllerian ducts, fails to occur, the uterus does not come together, partly due to an error in the signal instructing cells to migrate.

The result of this abnormally is a double uterus with two cervixes and, sometimes, though not in Martino’s case, a double vagina.

Watch the video below.

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