Angel Obinim Stage Protest To Have His Name And Great Prophetic Works Included In The Holy Bible (See Video)

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Controversial Ghanaian man of God, Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim has called for the inclusion of his name and prophetic works in the scriptures.

Angel Obinim told his congregation on Saturday that the apostles and other men of God whose names have been captured in the Bible were not better than him in any way.

Angel Obinim boasted that as the true Angel of God, his contribution to the work of God is relatively greater than Peter, Isaiah, Paul, Moses and others whose names have been mentioned in the Bible.

One of Angel Obinim’s eloquent translators and junior pastors stated in a video sighted by that:

‘Yes, so as Angel Obinim rightly said, why don’t you broadcast the good things he is doing. You are reading about Peter, Silas, Paul and co, do you know them?

‘What have they done for you? But you and I are aware Angel Obinim has worked money for you. He has allowed you to conceive and bear the fruit of your womb as a child. So why do you want to sit down on your buttocks and let someone instruct you that say good things about Angel Obinim’.

Obinim indirectly called on scholars to re-write the scriptures to cover his prophetic works too.

‘If we are not done writing the Bible, Angel Obinim would have covered a lot of parts, quotations and scriptures in the Bible [sic]’, the junior pastor stressed.

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He also added that ‘So now that the Bible is already written and sealed, we should use our mouth to write the Bible about the Spiritual President. Broadcast the good things he’s doing so that he will stand on this and work out things for you.’

This is the gospel according to Angel Obinim but we suspect the man of God may be exhibiting signs of hallucination.

In other news, another Ghanaian prophet, Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah is reported to have been denied US Visa. Click on this link to read more.

Watch the video below.


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