Top Story: Italy Cuts Down Number Of MPs To Raise €1bn For National Development In The Next 10 Years. A Cue For Ghana?

Spread the love can report that Italy’s parliament has voted on Tuesday to cut the number of representatives in both houses by more than a third.

In real terms, the house approved a law to reduce the number of MPs from 630 to 400 and senators from 315 to 200.

According to the BBC, the reform was a manifesto promise of the populist Five Star Movement, the main party in Italy’s governing coalition.

The move is expected not to only streamline parliament but it will enable government to save millions of euros which would have been used to pay MPs and politicians’ salaries and expenses.

Five Star also stated in a post on Twitter that the bill which was supported by almost all parties would save the country €1bn (£897m) over 10 years.

Change is here but not everyone is ready to embrace it.

Critics claim the move will drastically weaken democracy and likely increase the influence of lobbyists.

‘It’s done! Promise kept’ a blog post from Five Star said after the vote in the lower house on Tuesday.

A Cabinet Secretary also stated that ‘It’s the day we’ve been awaiting forever.’

‘After almost 30 years of broken promises, the cut in MPs and senators is a reality. A new political season is starting, now the citizens are at the centre.’

So, what is the key thing that Ghana can learn from this reform?

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Editor’s Note: Article written with extra materials from BBC.


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