Trending Photo: Man Caught Pants Down Comfortably Sh!tting In front Of Jubilee House?

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A yet-to-be identified man has been caught on camera openly defecat!ng in front of Ghana’s presidential palace, Jubilee House?

The ‘bush’ man was captured in a viral video pulling down his pants to ease himself on the lawns suspected to be in front of the Jubilee House in Accra.

A Twitter user with the handle, Efo Not The Citi FM Guy shared the photo on his page a while ago and claimed the incident occurred on Monday, October 14. can report that the man’s ridiculous action has created heated debate on social media and it is trending faster like the speed of a crazy horse.

People who have commented on the trending issue think that this man simply does not have it all together upstairs but expected authorities to search for him and examine his brain.

Others also hilariously commented that the man perhaps decided to sh!t right in front of the seat of government just to confirm Donald Trump’s weird belief that Africa, and Ghana for that matter is a sh!thole nation.

Whatever it is, Ghanaians are very serious people. They make jokes out of every serious situation.

We will therefore not be surprised if they start a ‘sh!tting challenge’ on social media in the next 30 seconds to satirise how the man pulled down his pants and dropped a piece of sh!t in front of the Jubilee House.

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We don’t want to bore you with our lengthy description of this trending news.

See the screenshot of Efo Not The Citi FM Guy‘s tweet below.

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